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Internet Providers (ISP)


For more info about Internet service providers in Lebanon, please check out our FORUM section related to Computer and Internet. You'll also find more info about Lebanese spammers: at the present moment (summer 2006) most Lebanese ISP's are pure trash. Some of the most famous Internet providers in Lebanon such as IDM and Terranet are also official and professional SPAMMERS. (They even spam to advertise their anti-spam products and services!)
  • The Lebanese Domain Registry (LBDR)     -
    .lb internet domain names, under the Lebanon (Lebanese Republic) top-level domain (LB-DOM). Domain are free under certain conditions. The site displays: whois lookup, application forms, rules.
  • Al-Hajjan  -
    Offers a range of satellite installations and services.
  • OGERO  -
    OGERO forces all the Lebanese ISP to buy their bandwidth from them. Because of this abusive monopoly they are able to offer the best service in Lebanon. The company is considered as an unfair local mafia by the people. It is 100% owned by the government and acts under the supervision of the Minister of Telecommunication.
  • Sodetel  -
    Very reliable Internet service provider (ISP). Good technical support.
  • Cyberia  -
    Popular Internet service provider. One of the pioneers of Internet in Lebanon. Good support and good spirit. (NOTE: Unless by special request, Cyberia does NOT allow its customers to use a private SMTP for sending emails. Clients must use Cyberia's SMTP. This is still the case in June 2006.)
  • Wise  -
    Reliable and dynamic wireless internet service provider.
  • Terranet  -
    Lebanese Internet service provider (ISP). Offers Dial-up and broadband services. [WARNING: In july 2006, Terranet started advocating and practising spam. Since there are no web laws in Lebanon, they officially and consciously decided to paid some of the dirtiest Lebanese spammers to send pure 100% SPAM to spamdvertise for - what? - their new anti-spam products! That's VERY cynical coming from an ISP! We contacted them by email & phone the same day, and their sales person (Wassim Abou Rjaily) clearly confirmed that it was not a mistake: they spammed and will spam again.]
  • Lynx Internet  -
    Lebanese ISP. Offers dial-up and broadband.
  • Virtual ISP (VISP)  -
    New and promising ISP. Offers broadband services and a FREE dial-up connection (may 2006). They also support the first online game server in Lebanon.
  • Destination  -
    Small Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Inconet Data Management (IDM)  -
    IDM (a merge of Inconet and Data Management) used to be the fatest ISP in the country. They have shown a lack of dynamism in the past and proved many professional weaknesses: slow and ineffective support system, spam filters set too high, awkward or obsolete standards. (In february 2006, they boldly SPAMMED random people and their own clients to advertise their antispam service). Today their prices are competitive in order to resist against OGERO: they offer interesting features and discounts.
  • Fiberlink Networks  -
    Offers advanced broadband solutions for the corporate, educational, and governmental sectors.
  • Cedarcom  -
    Provides bandwidth and network services for ISP's, banks, educational and governmental institutions.
  • Lebanon OnLine  -
    Local internet service provider. Dial-up connections.