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Lebanon Hospitals Phone Numbers: Hôtel-Dieu: 01-615300 / St-Georges Hospital: 01-581700 / Hopital Risk: 01-200800 / American University Hospital (AUH): 01-350000 / Al-Mkassed Hospital: 01-646592 / Al-Barbir Hospital: 01-652915/8 / Abou-Jaoudé: 04-404400 / Sacré-Coeur: 05-454725 / St-Charbel Hospital: 05-429860 / St-Joseph Hospital: 01-248750/1

  • AUB - Medical Center     -
    American University of Beirut Medical Center is a private non-for profit teaching institution. Over 400 beds.
  • Hôtel-Dieu de France     -
    Private university hospital owned by France and managed by the USJ (Université St-Joseph). Over 400 beds.
  • Hazmieh International Medical Center  -
    Medical center specialized in plastic surgery.
  • Al-Koura Hospital  -
    Modern hospital located on the hights of Koura.
  • Lebanese AIDS Society  -
    NGO devoted to the fight against AIDS/HIV in Lebanon.
  • Sahel General Hospital  -
    Hospital in South Beirut. About 170 beds.
  • Lebanon Chiropractic  -
    Information about Chiropractic in general, and useful resource about Lebanese Chiropractors.
  • Skoun  -
    Lebanese addiction center in Beirut.
  • Home Care Lebanon  -
    Provides the same quality treatment as in hospitals for patients in their own homes and at the lowest possible cost.
  • Dar Al-Ajaza Al-Islamia Hospital  -
    Neuro-psychiatric hospital in Beirut, as well as a home for invalid, disabled, and elderly patients.
  • Chronic Care Center  -
    Specialized in the treatment and follow-up of childhood chronic diseases, including thalassemia and insulin dependent diabetes.
  • SoftaMed  -
    Provides a free electronic medical software for physicians. Windows version only.