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  • Islam & Islamic Studies     -
    Extensive resources for studying Islam. (University of Georgia)
  • Islamism in Lebanon  -
    An article on Islamist (fundamentalist) groups in Lebanon by A. Nizar Hamzeh (AUB).
  •  -
    Information on Ashura, Imam Husain and the importance of Ashura in Shia Islam.
  • Imam Ali Home Page  -
    Articles and books with a shiite point of view on Islam. Promotes Shia - Sunni dialogue.
  • Aspects of Shi'i Thought from the South of Lebanon  -
    A well-documented study by Prof. Chibli Mallat published by the Center for Lebanese Studies (affiliated with the Middle East Centre at St Antony's College, Oxford).
  • The Arab World  -
    A history of Islam and the Arab World (from "Institut du Monde Arabe" in Paris).
  • Sufism's Many Paths  -
    Annotated web directory on Sufism. Includes sections on major Sufis and Sufi orders, doctrine and practice, Qur'an commentary and definitions of Sufism, Sufism in the West, Sufi women and the relationship between Sufism and Islam.
  • Al-Islam  -
    Resource for anyone wanting to learn about Islam. Includes a large collection of online books and multimedia resources.
  • Ismaili Electronic Library and Database  -
    Ismaili resources and history. Includes a time line about the Agha Khan.
  • Islamology - The Science of Peace  -
    Online multilingual library & resources: Quran, Hadith, comparative religions, FAQ about Islam.