Internet Services: Cable, ADSL, DSL in Lebanon?

About the use & development of Internet in Lebanon.

When do you think (unlimited) cable or DSL internet services will be available in Lebanon (for a decent price)?

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Try this out...

Postby Raficoo » Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:40 pm

i was surfin the web, and i found a advertisement sayin "still waiting for DSL", i clicked it, it directed me to a isp for lebanon that i never heard off.
the website's called, they say they can give u a great 56kb/s with a web accerator that increases the 56kb/s 5X, and u can get a free trial,i don't know if itz that great. so i figure u guys should check it out.

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Postby admin » Fri Sep 15, 2006 8:12 pm

They have been advertizing like crazy since the beggining of the war. It seems to be a normal dial-up with some kind of "web accelerator" software. Nothing very new. These softwares have been arround for a long time now. I would really doubt that it is as fast as they say. (But I suppose a good way to find out is to try it.)
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Postby gabi1976 » Sat Sep 16, 2006 3:11 am

Hi tom, can you post your findings in the forum like how much does this satellite internet cost, bandwidth, limitations... and if anybody else knows of any satellite internet that has been tested before, feel free to enlighten us
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Postby THE_COW_IS_OK » Thu Sep 21, 2006 10:55 am

hj88 wrote:I am really considering buying a wireless point to point system i found on the internet that cost 5000 dollars and can provide a link of up to 200 km
which is just what i need to get internet from cyprus

Let me know if this idea is still hunting ur mind. We can share installation cost.
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Postby hj88 » Mon Sep 25, 2006 10:20 am

No this idea in no longer running for me but if you would like to give you the info about this i will be glad to help you

(i am not an expert in this so you should really get a professional opinion if you want to invest in this)
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Postby mix » Wed Sep 27, 2006 8:06 pm

hey guys first post here
well the thing is i've been trying to find an affordable permanent connection for office since i'm opening a branch oustide lebanon and need to establish a permanet link for video conferencing, audio/video up/down, mail transfers, and database replications between the 2 sites. conclusions so far: lebanon is like at the stone age of internet: i got the prices from terranet, cyberia, and some other isp's and they quoted over 1000 $/month for an assymetric dedicated 256 kbits. asymettric 64/128 (cheapest one ) is like 400 $ and doens't really do it for me.
my cousin told me about a connection he has been using which is like 64/256 dedicated from visp at a nice 300 but he is not really happy with the service they have been giving him. he says these guys have some problems in the service (lotsa downtime, lower speeds than promised,....) so:
1- has anyone tried these guys?
2- I found some real nice neat deals on the net for 2 way sat systems (512/1024) at like 350 euros. legality is not an issue here coz this country sux but does anyone know what would the result be for video/audio ? sat has usually high latency and this could seem to be a problem.
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Wake up plz!!

Postby Raficoo » Sat Oct 14, 2006 12:41 am

why every1 dead :P, the last post like 20dayz be4, even i stoped caz u guys stoped, so plz, wake up from the mindless :roll: , i need posts to think, plz post again 8) :D
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Remove the bullet and have hope(AGAIN).

Postby Raficoo » Sun Oct 22, 2006 4:44 pm

First of all, y u guys stop posting, i feel like this website is shot dead, plz guys post again, SECOND OF ALL,,............i've got news from the isp companies in beirut that they ((((MIGHT)))) start the ,.,.,.and u heard me....,/. :D DSL .M>M<>>< SErvices in about A and A MONTH, so hopefully this country's internet will not suck in the future, i don no if there's gonna be a limitation or higher prices, but remember, they said,

they MIGHT, not will :roll: , start posting again plz, i'll keep u guys up-to date with the DSL news

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CLEAR _______ BUZZ \_/\_/,........ ITS BEATING AGAIN

Postby Raficoo » Fri Nov 03, 2006 6:01 pm

is it alive or is it dead?, pls wake up from this sleep od DEATH and start posting again, caz now there's really strong news which MAY com 2 affect next month. C'MON DON'T GIVE UP ON ME NOW :lol: , work web heart work :lol: :P :roll:
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Postby Sawyer » Wed Nov 08, 2006 9:01 pm

This is my first post here and i have been waiting years for DSL! Right now i am using the illegal cable "local cable guy" and it is pretty fast for lebanon i get a 40 kb/sec speed (i mesured the speed with several speed tests cuz on my computer it says 100mb/sec wich is impossible) i usually download alot of tv episodes and there size is about 350 mb so i finish downloading them in just 2 hours, i pay 40$ a month and the most important thing is that it has UNLIMITED bandwidth! I think the local cable guy takes dsl from cyprus or turkey cuz on the internet they consider me from turkey and cyprus.

I hope what raficoo is saying is true! And can you please keep us updated?
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Postby Raficoo » Thu Nov 09, 2006 5:29 pm

OK, i said they MIGHT and they DIDn't :evil: , they FINALLY :evil: :x announced that they are 99% sure that DSL will arrive in

2007, MARCH. that's what the dam..da. MARCH...2007 :x :evil:

well guess the bullet isn't removabel yet,,

they announeced it yesterday

This is what they said :
Telecoms insiders expect high-speed Internet to arrive - at last - in March
November 8, 2006

Internet service provider (ISP)

Consumers should expect high-speed DSL Internet service in March 2007, the director of a local Internet service provider (ISP) said on Tuesday, although details of the rollout such as the price of installation and monthly rates have yet to be settled.

The Telecommunications Ministry, the state-owned telecom firm OGERO and providers have had two meetings in the past week to push forward the oft-postponed DSL service.

The delay in offering DSL is indicative of how Lebanon, some 10 years ago the first Arab country in the Levant to offer the Internet, now lags most of the Arab world in high-speed Internet access. The foot-dragging has cost Lebanon economic growth and foreign investment, experts say.

The March deadline was set Friday at a meeting at the ministry, according to Maroun Chammas, executive director of service provider IDM.
A meeting of the DSL Commercial Committee on Tuesday focused on the price ISPs will pay OGERO for the right to provide the new service, said attendee Carole Hage, sales manager at Terranet. The ministry has final say on the price.

The ministry has to overcome two key technical hurdles in delivering the new service: upgrading telephone switchboards in areas where DSL will be available and improving international phone lines to handle 1.5 gigabytes per second of data transfer.

Chammas told The Daily Star he was " 99 percent" sure the March deadline will be met.

" It really looks much better than before," he said, referring to earlier delays.

ISPs are pushing the ministry to set prices because they expect keen interest in DSL and will be able to offer new products, Chammas said.

" Once DSL is available, people are going to get much better service," Chammas said.

Sam Masri, an employee in the corporate sales division of the ISP Fiberlink, said he expected prices to go down for users. The major ISPs in Lebanon offer broadband service for a $75 installation fee and $45 per month for a 128 kilobyte-per-second (kbps) connection, $100 for 256 kbps and $175 for 512 kbps.

The ministry has floated a initial proposal for DSL user fees.

Under the proposed prices, DSL set-up would cost LL55,000 (about $37), while 128-kbps service would cost LL35,000 for home users and LL45,000 for businesses; 256 kbps would cost LL50,000 for homes, LL65,000 for businesses; and 512 kbps LL70,000 for home users and LL85,000 for businesses. Monthly downloads would be capped.

Problems with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority could also affect the DSL rollout. The board governing the authority remains incomplete after President Emile Lahoud objected to certain nominees, whose names were subsequently withdrawn by Telecommunications Minister Marwan Hamdeh.

Because of the conflict regarding pricing structures, the ISPs need the regulatory body to set and enforce prices, Hage said.

" Without the proper regulatory authority, the services that we intend to provide are just frozen," Chammas said.

DSL also raises the issue of Internet telephony. Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) remains banned in Lebanon, where telecommunications revenues account for 38 percent of the state budget.

DSL will allow bandwidth to improve enough to enable VoIP, although Hage said she thinks the government will maintain the ban on VoIP.

The budget dangers raised by VoIP have resonated throughout the region. The United Arab Emirates, for example, has recently banned Skype, the Swedish Internet telephony service that allows free calls between Internet users.

The lack of high-speed Internet in Lebanon has deterred foreign investors from setting up offices here, Chammas said.

" If they don' t have access to large pipes and large bandwidth, big companies will not locate here," he said.

Hage said that multinationals were " surprised" by the weak and expensive IT infrastructure, which hurt Lebanon' s image abroad.

Copyright Daily Star

I wonder why they so afraid about the VOIP tho, o well

Hope this time the 1% of DSL not arriving doesn't happen like everytime :P :lol:

so what i said was wrong , ISP's are good, its the telecome company
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Not surprising, is it?

Postby Raficoo » Sat Nov 18, 2006 2:26 pm

hmm, over a 123 posts on this subject, and they were posted during no exprctions for DSL, but now the99% expection of DSL's arrival date and no1 posts, hmm weird, there's still a LIMITATION, but surly there's a way to ""Not have a LIMITATION"",

CLEAR puff.. c'mon own, don't go now, we're sooo close i tel ya :roll: to the TECHNOLOGY :wink:
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Postby hj88 » Sat Nov 18, 2006 3:27 pm

raficoo, the dsl is going to be limited so mush that no one is longer intrested. You can see the traffic limitation in the decree number 16852
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Don no but trust me! :)

Postby Raficoo » Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:13 am

even if A limitation , i got sources, i don even know arabic to read this stuff, but trust me, there is a way, but i don say till it comes,to give u a hint

Remember illegal cable services, well what u think if they say

""Legal DSL with Illegal UNlimitaion"",

now don't think of it negativly, i mean people till now buy illegal calbe services caz its the only thing and it has UNNNlimited bandwidth, maybe it can go both ways with DSL, i mean, if it happens, WOW how the $Y%*&#%GUYS&*^*&$*%& will get money each month :roll: :P 8)

HOPEFULLY LEGALLY THEY'll be a OFFER for unlimited bandwidth :(
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and o yea

Postby Raficoo » Sun Nov 19, 2006 1:17 am

i'm gonna get a 512k down, ands it says 4gb monthly, don no i say its a start 4 lebanon, hmm wonder what HDSL means :?: :wink:,

BUT IM 10000000000000% sure THAT SOON THE LIMITATION WIL GO CAZ LEBANON WANTS PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE TO OPEN OFFICES, and they people will say no caz there's a limitaion, the people who wants to open offices in lebanon didn't hear there's going to be a limitation
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