Internet Services: Cable, ADSL, DSL in Lebanon?

About the use & development of Internet in Lebanon.

When do you think (unlimited) cable or DSL internet services will be available in Lebanon (for a decent price)?

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Virtual ISP - VISP

Postby nuclearcat » Sun Jun 04, 2006 12:51 am

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Postby murex » Sun Jun 04, 2006 3:58 pm

Hey, Nuclearcat (or Denis Fedoryshchenko, maybe), I see you're a member of VISP too... That's already 2 members of VISP posting in this forum...:-) In OUR language this heavy commercial "SPAM"... So please just stop it. We don't care about how other companies do in this or that country. It doesn't prove them right. We have our rules in this forum and that's it. If AT&T were posting in this forum they'd have the comply to our rule or fuck off.

I would rephrase your words the exact other way arround: IT IS (indeed) A VERY COMMON POLICY TO PUBLISH PRICES, it is even a rule... except for special services dedicated to "business etc. On VISP's site, it is not clearly stated like that. It should say something like "special DSL services for businesses" and also "prices start at... and depend on this and that...", and "we cover this and that area"... Even if it is not precise, those info would prevent potential customers from loosing time. In AT&T's case, it is VERY VERY VERY different... They don't call it DSL... The visitor understands these are special services for clients with big needs etc.

In Lebanon, DSL is something normal USERS have been waiting for, for a very long time now... So when you come arround and say "we offer DSL"... You are lying & fooling most average users... Who's nerves are VERY sensitive these days... Just say you offer DSL on VERY SPECIAL CONDITIONS and for a very special prices that are more targeted to BUSINESSES... What's so hard about it?

Also you sound very scared & impressed by the "big companies", as if they were examples we should learn from... and learn to submit to... Your example of Germany is not an example to follow! If it is really so, then "f*u*c*k Germany... It is not an argument. It is just a shit, and it has to be pointed at, as a shit... Or a "horror story"... Also legal cases are never easy, but in free countries, a small guy or an association of small guys, can fuck a big company who's misbehaving. And now, with bolgs & forums, a new turn has been taken, where brands and companies (unless they are very stupid) are very careful about how they treat customers who can TALK online... For a business, a bad reputation online, is worst than a formal trial... That's why many companies hire fake users to post fake message to balance the critics etc.

So usually this kind of symbolic pressure (blogs & forums) is enough... But in case it has to go legal... I will return your phrase again as such: IMAGINE YOU WIN... it is the company who's going to pay you... And there are MANY MANY MANY examples in countries such as the USA or France, where "small guys" or association of consumers succefully contain or attack big animals.

Your friend in Germany should compare ISP's & read about them online before signing up... There are many independant sites (in USA, France, UK, Germany...) where users compare their experiences with ISP's and report "horror stories"... I am not idealizing the West... I am just saying that the counter power of the consumers is not NULL and has a VERY strong effect on the short & long term. Comparing to our micro-country, they have big markets & a lot of concurrence, that helps alot... :-)

Of course, about the special situation in Lebanon, you have a point! For years & year already, some few things that are on the verge of legality have to be kept "down"... But then, WHY do you openly talk about it in this form!? ARE U SAYING YOUR DSL OFFER IS STILL ILLEGAL? Well, it seems very much to be the case. Aren't you afraid of the Lebanese law?... I am becoming curious now: are you owned or backed by some politician or political group?

Also, we are not afraid of legal stuff... We are non-profit & depend on no law from no country... One of our duty with this website, is to help Lebanese consumers wish, voice, fight & eventually force the "Rep. of Lebanon" and the big companies in this "republic" - when they behave like PIGS - to behave more properly.

Anyway... To make this long message short... Either you play it MUCH less cryptic, either you STOP posting here... (Unless you would like to officially advertise on this site & become one of our partners. In this case, please contact the managers by email.)
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Postby teodorgeorgiev » Sun Jun 04, 2006 4:34 pm

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Postby nuclearcat » Sun Jun 04, 2006 5:25 pm

Because of some mystic rules(strange, seems you invent them in ur brain. I think rules must be sticked on some topic at least) on this forum, we have to put our new offers like "free dialup" on another forum, and help them to bring new visitors. Thanks for the cooperation and bye.
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Moral Linux geeks with poor English humor? Maybe.

Postby murex » Sun Jun 04, 2006 6:53 pm

Hey! Don't misunderstand my English... It is just a way of speaking... We cannot let companies send their representative to advertise here! You guys are doing an AMAZING JOB! And VISP seems to be the most promising ISP in this small country!

- Free Dial Up
- online game server
- DSL (under secret special conditions, in a tiny area and targetted for businesses)

Earlier this afternoon, we even just added a good comment about your company in our directory.

But understand it is our ROLE to always ask more and be strict towards ISP's. And even imature on purpose... And it is your role to be patient and undertand, because you are selling a service to the people...

I guess you're English is a bit heavy (NuclearDenis) so your sense of humour is not very sharp?... We are not very politically correct I admit... WE LIKE TO SPEAK HARSHLY in this forum, and call a PIG a PIG, that's all... You shouldn't be offended. Of course, if you have MORAL concerns with our VIOLENT language, then maybe you are right to leave, and I suggest you activate the fucking PARENTAL CONTROL device on your computers...

Understand, we're just moderating this form. And we were NEVER disrespectful towards you. When we speak a bit "hardly" it is not to you directly, it is to your company. When you are a COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE, you are acting for that company. And we like to be cautious (a sometimes a bit rude) towards companies who dare to advertise their services in our forum. EVEN IF THOSE SERVICES ARE VERY GOOD.

And when someone says he's going to send his lawyers on you because you speak the truth, this person becomes your enemy. What's your pb. with that? That's as a natural law. WHEN SOMEONE ACTS LIKE A BITCH WE CALL "IT" A BITCH, AND WE PUBLISH ITS NAME... UNTIL "IT" OR ITS COMPANY SENDS YOU CLEAR WRITTEN APOLOGIES.

Am I talking chineese? Shit, I didn't know you were scared linux geeks with poor English & moral concerns on dirty language... Too bad... Maybe you should stick to Warcraft 3, boys, it is safer & easier to understand, than to read and write words.

I really wish I could be your friend and play Warcraft with you, but we have to play our role in this forum. Even if it is a narrow minded role for us... We always speak in the name of INDEPENDENT home users & small business, and we always speak the TRUTH (with our bad manners maybe) because we have NO interest in not doing so, as opposed to you and to other profit-oriented companies.
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VISP !?!

Postby murex » Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:25 pm

Let me know why Lebanese are in such bad situation with the Internet - because of their way of thinking, way of working and etc.

As I have been told: "People should change first!!!". Then government will change, phone calls rates will change, Inernet rates will change, health care will change and etc. With such an attitude like yours you are condemned to illegal low-quality high-cost cable connections.

Nice try :-)
So you think Lebanon has no DSL because Lebanese people are a bit retarded or twisted in a way... I don't know about that... And I am not much of a Lebanese myself... So I don't know about your theory... You guys are probably more "Lebanese" than me, by chosing to live in Lebanon...

By attacking others, ask yourself - what you have done for the Lebanese IT? What is your personal contribution?

We don't attack Mister "I don't know how to read English". We only COUNTER ATTACK. You say we made no personal contribution to Lebanese IT?... But, man, we are not ITs !!!... We are more like a FREE PRESS... And the contribution of our non-profit Network is of this nature... But maybe you don't like FREE PRESS and user's blogs? So why don't you move to Syria then? It is very close.

I do not know if the IDM employee have had right or not, but to call someone a "b*tch" and to ask someone to "f*ck off" shows lack of proper education and behaviour.

We have our values...:-)

And when someone threatens us, we don't rape him, kill him and eat his brain. We just insult his ass. I think it is a sign of EXTREMLY SOPHISTICATED EDUCATION to use words with such a precision. It is sad you lacking the taste to appreciate it.


And one more think, Nuclear-Denys... Please don't INVERT everything... We don't need your Free Dial Up to bring more visitors to this forum. Unless you were trying to be funny. You know very well that it is exactly the opposite. We have been here for a long time, we have LOADS of visitors and we sell absolutely NOTHING... And you are? A totally NEW company! :-) So please my friend, be decent and stay where you are: you are no Angels, you are working for a company, and posting in our forum is related to your job.

Our forum is one of the best, less censored and up to date about this particular subject. It accumulates a lot of precious info about Lebanese ISP's and AT THE END, even if we are rude (since we're not a company, we don't NEED people to like us) the visitors gets to know what they needs to know. And that's exactly how we "CONTRIBUTE TO THE LEBANESE IT"... to use your own words, or whatever name you wish to give to this New God to which people should sacrifice to... You're the "mystic freek", man. We are just "cut the crap"... And maybe the World needs both of us! (isn't that a nice finish)


About your forum advertising strategy... It seems to be pretty well arranged... It is not the first forum you ADVERTISE in...


These are URL of 2 forum messages, the title of the threads are "IDM SUCKS", and "Die IDM, die! AAAAAAH"... Funny how eveybody seems to agree on this... Even you suggest VISP is better... And I beleive you! In the first thread you & Teodor, both of you following EXACTLY the same "seeding" strategy, smoothly enter the conversation... to introduce your ISP services... You mention your weird DSL... People get a bit excited, then you suggest to the visitors to come ask questions in your office... That's a pretty smart way for a new ISP to introduce itself and the adresse of your office.

I don't like this DSL strategy... It is void... Your services seem very correct but TOTALLY experimental & out of the scope of the average market...It is pure advertising, because people - with the little info you release - might eventually come to your office, out of curiosity, since it's the only way to know more... When they come, you tell them you offer DSL only in one very small area, and that it costs 800$ or more... Then they are deceived... But at least they have heard about your company... And of all its other offers, which are similar to the other ISP etc.

In both forums, you did exactly the same thing... One or two little tips, and then speak about DSL... Say that you had it since August!... Pretend that the other ISP are not informing the people... In a way that suggests you are more advanced... But after a few lines it is pretty clear that your supposed DSL is at an experimental stage... You don't even have 10 users... And it costs about $800 (per month?)... So definitly not "DSL for the home user"... for the moment...
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Postby admin » Sun Jun 04, 2006 8:44 pm

OOOPSY... You scared them!
They removed all their posts :-(

For visitors who missed it, this is what happened:

Two cool guys with nice russian names from Virtual ISP SARL ( started posting in this forum to advertise their company's services. Then, they decided to remove their posts because of the attitude of the moderator. (Commercial advertising is not allowed in this forum.)

The big news is that this (very new) ISP offers a FREE DIAL-UP connection. Which is probably a premiere in Lebanon:

Phone Number: 1620
User Name: visp
Password: demo

We have tested it, and it works pretty well.


They also specialize into High Speed connections. Their Broadband Wireless offer is very similar to the one most big ISP are offering in Lebanon, such as Terranet, Cyberia, IDM, Wise... (So nothing very new here.) And on their site, they pretend to offer DSL connections! Although, no other ISP is doing this yet.

But when they started talking about it, they were reluctant to give any details and said clients had to bang at their door and ask them. The moderator didn't like this teasing strategy and started being a rude. They got scared or shocked and decided to remove all their messages from the forum.

This company do offer real DSL and DLS2 connections and they seem cool dynamic and very serious, but this service is still limited to 2 very small area of the city, and is probably very expensive (targetted to businesses). They refused to give any precision or any price.

DSL doesn't exist in Lebanon yet. People have been waiting for it for a very long time. It has been finally announced by the governement for April 2006 but it didn't happen. We are in June now, with no sign of it coming ever.

It is in this context that the 2 company representatives from this new ISP started posting in this forum offering a free Dial-up access and teasing people about their new DSL service, but very reluctant to give us more details about it unless we physically bang on their door. (As if they were developing an illegal activity. If this is illegal, then how come they're advertising it openly...?)

Anyway, they did their job perfectly, and we thank them for it. I am sure their intervention here - although apparently negative to them - will be a good advertising for this new ISP and will push people to try them out.

Last but not least, these guys are supporting the first Lebanese online game servers... This is good news... They are also working on setting up a local World of Warcraft (WoW) server... Check out their website:

If anyone uses any of VISP's internet services, please post your comments. :-)
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DSL, Broadband, what the HELL??

Postby Raficoo » Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:55 pm

Weird, just weird, here's a nice info, broadband has been cancelled since there is no more bandwith for the broadband, also because DSL is arriving soon(in able 1 month)atleast that what the companies tell ME :lol: :roll: , and if people r sure what their's sayin about DSL never arriving, then y they think they shut down broadband services(the people who bought broadband before 2 months) r still using it, when i said shut down, i mean there is no new customers for the service.

I don't know 4 sure that DSL goin to arrive, if the gov has this much problems with the arrival of DSL, then imagine how long or how many years# X100, would it take to get T3 connection to lebanon, i don't even know if it's true htat it will cost $40 for 512kb/s, and also visp says they got DSL but y the other isps' don't.., what's the secret about it??
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Postby hj88 » Tue Jun 06, 2006 9:05 am

well i am surely not getting a dsl connection because i read in the assfir news paper this price list"

128/32 (2gb limit) 256/64 (3gb limit) 512/128(4gb limit) 1024/256(5gb) hdsl(up to 2.3Mbps)(8gb
home 35000 50000 70000 115000 300000

companies 45000 65000 85000 135000 300000

educational institutions 30000 40000 60000 100000 240000

and 500 LL for eatch additional 10 mb!!

i called visp they confirmed the GB limit .
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Postby murex » Tue Jun 06, 2006 9:20 am

Was it refered to as DSL in the newspaper!? If it wasn't called DSL in the newspaper, then why do u think it could be DSL? :shock:

This looks alot like the Wireless broadband offers with limited BW. These offers have been arround for more than a year now, and most of the ISP offer more or less this same package (terranet, cyberia, wise etc.)
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Postby hj88 » Tue Jun 06, 2006 9:30 am

no, sadely it was about the dsl.It was published in "assafir" newspaper on may 23 .

here is the link to read the article ... inance.pdf
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Postby murex » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:31 am

yeah, this price list is very sad... i guess its good news for the "local cable guys"... :cry:

i've added the year 2100 in the poll question at the begging of this thread... hopefuly one day in the future of mankind... some entities from the sky will come down to Lebanon (!?) and offer 512/512 symetrical, with unlimitted BW for less that 50$...
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Postby teefandme » Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:50 am

Such small Gb limit?!?!?!?! And they dare call this service DSL?

I am fed up with this country..3an jadd shi metl el kezib..the worst country ever..politically, economically,socially,...te3tir

Sarlna i dont know how long waiting for this stupid DSL and look at what it turned out to be...crappy ridiculous shi bi ayir service

2,3,4GB per month?!?! please please don't be rude enough to call this ''broadband''. This much traffic is consummed in 3 or 4 days with music, movies, software download,browsing etc... I am really really pissed right now.

I hope ogero and the telecom ministry gets burned down to the ground..may God forgive them..haramye, mrettin, the rest of the countries even the arab ones are laughing at this ridiculous internet... :( :( :( :( :(
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Postby hj88 » Thu Jun 08, 2006 11:12 am

and the best part 500LL for eatch additional 10 mb it's like they are selling batata bil kilo!!
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Postby trash » Thu Jun 08, 2006 12:39 pm

hj88 wrote:and the best part 500LL for eatch additional 10 mb it's like they are selling batata bil kilo!!

and even the funnier thing is if you did a little bit of calculations you will find out that 2GB cost around 100,000 LL (2000/10 x 500), which is stupid because if i have a DSL account that cost 35000 LL with 2 GB i will just buy another 2 accounts with another 2 GB instead of buying an addition 10 mb....

but really shame on this country.... i've have been waiting for DSL for more than 4 years, and now when it's ready to come out, it appears that "Abu Ziad" the Dikènjé near my house will deliver me an internet connection better then 8 ISPs
I hate all Lebanese ISPs.... They are trash
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